Digital Files & Artwork Preparation

KODE Garment prints on the Brother GT-782 Direct to Garment Printer

With the advent of affordable software and hardware, the number of digital files supplied for print artwork has steadily increased. Due to the many advantages associated with digital art, KODE Garment is committed to working with designers to maximize quality and ensure the accurate presentation of their material.


KODE Artwork Requirements at a Glance

All artwork must be in digital format. Your artwork MUST be:

  • Created and saved to full printing size (100% or planned print size).
    (A 4” x 6” logo on a t-shirt must be saved at 4” x 6” file).
    Artwork will be assumed to be final size and cropped as supplied.
  • The print resolution must be 300-600 DPI.
  • White must be RGB 254,254,254.  Not adobe preset 255,255,255.
  • We prefer the artwork to be saved and presented as an Adobe Illustrator file (.AI), EPS (.EPS) format or PDF files (.PDF). In most cases we can also accept these formats: .TIF .WMF .BMP .GIF .PS .PRN .JPG.
  • For colour matching – we require the graphic to be designed in CMYKNOT RGB.


General Requirements

If supplying high resolution images, please supply your images in TIF format (with no LWZ compression).
If there are any embedded images in your EPS file, please supply them separately.

Artwork should be created in CMYK colour. Preparing artwork in RGB mode is not recommended, as colour matching is problematic. The Brother GT-782 is a CMYK printer.

It is very important that all fonts must be outlined or converted to paths or outlines, otherwise all fonts used must be supplied along with the file.

Illustrator is used for vector graphics and Photoshop for raster graphics (pictures).

Text should not be created in Photoshop unless special filters or effects have been added to the text.
Effects in Illustrator and InDesign should be avoided for printed jobs as these effects are more geared for the internet and not for print use. But if it is necessary to use these files, they must be supplied as a 600 dpi TIF format with no LWZ compression.

Please supply a high resolution PDF file and/or a laser or similar print proof of the pages of your proposed print job.


Software and File Requirements

  • Adobe Illustrator
    Convert fonts to outlines and if placing high resolution EPS files in the illustration, please supply those images separately as well. Make sure your Document Raster Effect Settings are set to CMYK and 300-600 ppi, not to 72 ppi, otherwise any effects applied to your illustration (e.g.: drop shadows) will print out bitmapped or blurry in appearance.
  • InDesign
    Save the file as an EPS, if you have placed any images in your illustration, please supply the original files of these images separately as well.


Sending Files to KODE Garment

When sending files via email, all of the above standards still apply. JPEG files are generally not adequate and are low in resolution. A JPEG image will generally result in a poor print result. Ideally, a PDF proof is required and all Illustrator files should be saved as outlined EPS files.

Please ensure that you have supplied all links and fonts in a folder. Ideally this folder would then be compressed using WinZip prior to emailing to our art department.


Delivery Methods for Digital Files

  • Email – up to 5Mb.
  • Mail – CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
  • Dropbox.  Contact Kode to set up a drop box file to transfer your image / layout.



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