DTG Printing: the future of custom apparel decoration

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Our state-of-the-art Direct to Garment (DTG) printers allow us to provide unparalleled results on virtually any color cotton garment.

Utilizing a sophisticated inkjet process and software based image preparation, we can efficiently print any size job, whether it’s one single printed garment or hundreds.

By eliminating the slow setup process of traditional silk screen printing, we can now offer exceptionally fast service with almost no limitations to the sizes and colors available to print.

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Printing on Black cotton garments is our specialty.

DTG Printing - on Black
Printing on Black
DTG Printing - Full Color (CMYK)
Full Color Printing (CMYK)
DTG Printing
Custom DTG Printing

Our on-site graphics specialists will also ensure that your art will print to its full potential and your customers will be thrilled with their custom printed apparel.

This printing process is perfect for photo t-shirts, multicolour designs, or designs and images with intricate detail.


DTG Printing - Photography
Photography Printing
DTG Printing - Artwork
Artwork Printing
DTG Printing - Fade
Fade Printing

Direct-to-garment printers are the best way to print on apparel to make promotional, customized or personalized garments on a budget.

It is the latest and most economical garment decoration method. It prints directly on T-shirts, aprons, towels, pillow cases and more. This decoration method is intended for white or light coloured garments made from cotton, and cotton blends.

DTG can also be used on white polyester fabrics. DTG printing will allow for your designs to be printed directly into the fabric. This state of the art process allows for millions of colors and shades to be printed at one time.


Kode Garment print “on demand” with no minimum order quantity, so feel free to order one shirt or as many as desired!

Whatever your current level of involvement with a promotional product business is, access to a direct to garment printer should be an important part of your overall marketing strategies.

Advantages of DTG printing

  • The majority of promotional apparel orders are not large. The typical order size is in the range of 15 to 500 pieces. This run size is absolutely ideal for Direct to Garment printing.
  • Generally, Screen printers will charge a set-up fee. These fees (per colour and screen set-up) make small run screen printing expensive. These set-up fees can make the individual pricing onerous for many clients.
  • Our clients are typically in a hurry and cannot wait for a 7-14 day turnaround time for delivery. Since we do not need to prepare silk screens — our ability to respond quickly is one of our competitive advantages.
  • Unlike screen printers, digital apparel printing can produce brilliant full colour images. Our Kornit Storm II DTG printer will print 600 dpi, CMYK Graphics. We are able to print up to 15 million different colours – quickly and efficiently.
  • DTG printing is perfect for fades, photographs, high detail printing up to 600 dpi on apparel. The print is for those clients who wish to meet high quality brand standards with their graphics.
  • The Kornit Storm II is a commercial printer. There are two print platens that print simultaneously. No loading delays or downtime. Large or small print runs are printed efficiently.
  • Our inks are the latest proven technology. Environmentally friendly and no health hazard.
  • Digital and simple — What you See is What you Get!


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